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HarperOne Group

Four Imprints • One Group • All 4 One 

HarperOne is one of four imprints in the HarperOne Group, whose mission is to publish books for the world we want to live in. Together the HarperOne Group acquires books that represent a broad and diverse collection of voices, cultures, and perspectives. Each imprint—Amistad, HarperVia, HarperCollins Español, and HarperOne—has a unique role and area of expertise. Working with passion, creativity, and in true partnership with one another, each imprint shares a commitment to publishing books that matter, enlighten, and entertain from a spectrum of perspectives.

The HarperOne imprint is committed to publishing important books across its historical core categories of religion, spirituality, health, personal growth, social change, relationships, and creativity. Today the imprint is keeping its publishing traditions alive while expanding its scope to include new categories. It continues to grow Lives That Inspire with biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs from high-profile people and underserved audiences that represent HarperOne values. The Shelf-Seekers category delivers faith-based spirituality literature for younger readers, exploring themes relevant to millennials and beyond as they enter new stages of life. Our Graphic Storytelling books use illustration and themes of compassion, connection, and mental health to engage our hearts. Nature Writing/Climate Crisis expands the HarperOne mission of self-help to include our relationship with nature.