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Back Pain and The Hidden Core

End of Back Pain cover blurb

Excerpted from The End of Back Pain: Access Your Core to Heal Your Body by Patrick Roth, M.D.

Most of us design our exercise programs after a perusal of what we see in the mirror. We want better abdominal muscles, better pectorals, and better biceps. Strengthening the abdominal muscles may be the brass ring if you  want to be the newest cast member of a reality TV show. The key to back health, however, is to focus on muscles that can’t be seen in the mirror. Through this new paradoxical and effective approach to strengthening your core, the exercises of the Hidden Core Workout will help you treat your back pain once and for all. Oh, and you might even look great in the process!

What The End of Back Pain does that other books on back pain do not is provide plenty of rational information about pain, your reaction to it, your perception of it, and your innate ability to be a person of action, especially when in pain. It provides a prescriptive and systematic approach to alleviating back pain, while simultaneously changing how you think about back pain.

Learn more about a specialized exercise program to relieve, control, and even prevent chronic pain in The End of Back Pain by Patrick Roth, M.D.


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