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Eating right for your body type during the holidays

Holiday Eating For Your Body Type

From Jim Karas, author of The Petite Advantage Diet.

Hey, “Petites,” yes, that’s you at 5’4” and under! We’re headed into “The Danger Zone.” That’s that awful, oh, I mean magical, time of the year when food, drink, treats, you name it, is everywhere.

You know you can’t eat like the big people, but even they are gaining weight over the holidays. While no one likes gaining weight, you and I know that those extra three pounds look more like eight on you.

So, I want you to follow these specialized tips for the next six weeks:

  • Weigh yourself every day. What starts off as a few, “supposed” water pounds may turn into the true enemy—fat.
  • Strength-train at least four times a week. The exercise program in The Petite Advantage Diet works perfectly as it has your heart pumping, your muscles lengthening and strengthening, and your metabolism roaring.
  • Water, water, and more water! And don’t forget, you can drink it AND eat it, so go for at least four servings of veggies, three servings of fruit, and half your body weight in ounces of water each day. FYI—a serving is one medium-sized piece or ½ cup of sliced produce.
  • Sleep. I’ve said for years, “You snooze, you lose”—and the “lose” I’m talking about is weight. If you start staying up and stressing over planning, shopping, entertaining, etc., you will all but guarantee that you are going to pack on the pounds as your hunger hormones will go out of balance. Don’t do it. Seven to eight hours a night is the gold standard.
  • Breathe. No, that’s not a typo, as deep breathing reduces stress, and we all know this time of year amps it up. Shoot for ten good minutes of concentrated, deep breathing and reduce your stress hormones by 44 percent. Do it!
  • NEVER adopt the strategy, “I’m going to eat very little during the day as I’m going to a dinner or party at night.” That all but guarantees that you will splurge. You need to do the opposite. Eat a HUGE breakfast, which will make you less hungry later in the day. Also eat lunch and a snack, such as ten almonds, right before you leave for the event. Then you won’t land there with the highest calorie choices staring at you, the dreaded hors d’oeuvres. They are enemy #1 to the Petites.
  • Plan. You need to think before you dive in to a dinner or party. Here are some rules: If you plan to drink wine or any alcohol, no dessert. If you plan to taste some dessert, no booze. The choice is yours; just don’t think you can throw caution to the wind and enjoy everything, as too much enjoyment will result in too much of you.
  • Get all the treats out of sight. If you leave your favorite chocolate-covered pretzels in plain view, you will eat more of them. Every bit of research agrees, put the sweets away and keep the fruit out. That way, you will get to your three servings a day (see #3) that much faster.

Just ask yourself, “What will it feel like to wake up January 1st and start the New Year out lean?” I know you can do it!

For more information, please check out Jim Karas’s The Petite Advantage Diet.


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