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Get “Fab Abs," toned arms, and feel great! … Just by doing dishes, folding laundry, even vacuuming!

by Carolyn Barnes, author of The cLEAN Momma Workout.

Let’s face it…being a size 2 takes work! Blech! I sooo feel your pain! I used to have a mild aneurism, when putting on my jeans and not being able to pull over my thighs!

I have to say, I got fed up! Despite the hating working out thing and having zero time for me, and never giving up my chardonnay…I had to do something! My tush was unacceptable. So, I needed a plan!

I decided instead of going to the gym, or taking an hour out of my day to do a workout DVD (seriously, who has time?!), I would create my own insane solution! My mommy friends and my neighbors hounded me, “OMG! What are you doing? You look great!?” So I got them all to hop on the, “Get lean while ya cLEAN” bandwagon…and so can you!

My butt perked up in less than two weeks, simply by incorporating leg lifts, plies, squats, you name it…into my chores.

I figured, Hell, I’m cleaning the dishes anyway, yawn, I might as well tighten up the ol’ tush! haha! I put on my headphones and I blast really fun music (I’m a fan of 80s stuff, the Go Gos rock, lol).

The point is, if you’re a maxed-out mommy like moi…and you’re constantly putting those sippy cups in the sink, or have a bazillion loads so of laundry on a daily basis…turn those tedious chores into a workout! It’s a win-win! It totally works!

In The cLEAN Momma Workout! I tdeach you how to get amazing abs, toned arms, and a perky tush, simply by doing what you already HAVE to do!

Think about it… If you’re already doing your chores, wouldn’t it be awesome to know you’re toning your body, too?! Well, you can!! We moms can do it!! :))

All my secret tricks and tips are found in my new book, The cLEAN Momma Workout! Plus dozens more effective tools for clearing out the brain clutter, cleaning out the closets, and calming the mommy chaos!

You’ll also find great tips on eating healthy for mommas on the go, along with a fantastic cLean eating diet plan by my BFF, a registered dietitian, Stephanie Lecovan.

It’s about time we get back our Momma Mojo!

So perk up your tush, tone those arms, flatten those abs, get the laundry done, and enjoy more momma downtime! Life’s too short to deny a soak in the bubble bath!

It’s your body, your life, your mind, your choice!

Carolyn Barnes is the author of The cLEAN Momma Workout: Get lean while you clean, now available from HarperCollins. Visit her website


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