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Give Yourself a Midday Stretch

We’re almost to the end of the work week and chances are you’ve spent quite a bit of time at your desk, in front of your computer.

Close your office door and take a few minutes to practice a simple yoga pose with healthy mind, healthy body benefits.

Spinal Twist

The health of the spine is of the utmost importance when creating space in the body. Postures that rotate the spine, like the spinal twist, relax the central nervous system. As the nervous system governs the mental and physical health of our entire bodies, practicing this posture and others like it benefits the whole being. Be sure to practice the posture on both sides an equal amount of time.

Sit up tall. Hug the knee with the opposite arm. The back arm assists with twisting. Breathe.

How do I practice a safe spinal twist?
• Be sure not to place too much pressure on or lean back on the extended arm.
• If you have endured a spinal injury, be sure to be particularly gentle and pay greater attention to your breathing.

What are the benefits of the spinal twist?
• It relaxes the nerves and therefore the nervous system.
• It aids digestion.
• It helps the liver detoxify.
• It makes the back more flexible for better health.

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