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HarperOne in the News – November 3

This weeks highlights include brain healthy recipes from Team Sherzai, thoughts on grief, ghosts, and tips for dealing with death from funeral director Caleb Wilde, and an in-depth look at Martin Luther on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. 


Sherzai Alzheimerssolution 3dTHE ALZHEIMER’S SOLUTION by Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, MDs 

From Mindful Mac and Cheese to Mind-Kind Key Lime Pie, Doctors Deanand Ayesha  Sherzai share their Anti-Alzheimer’s Meal Plan, plus brain boosters, and more with Dr. Oz on The Dr. Oz Show.



Turner Puposeanddesire3dPURPOSE AND DESIRE by J. Scott Turner 

Purpose and Desire is a valuable addition to the existing books on the science of life. It poses a serious challenge to traditional biology. It is likely to generate a controversy and elicit more research and knowledge of the science of life.”

Read more of the review on Washington BookReview.


Gregory Rebelintheranks 3dREBEL IN THE RANKS by Brad Gregory

“Martin Luther’s idea of the “freedom of a Christian” is sometimes seen aforerunner to the way that we think about individual freedom today. If we think of individual freedom as essential for personal autonomy and self-determination, Martin Luther had something very different in mind.”

Read more about Martin Luther and the Reformation in on The Daily Beast.


Wilde Confesionsofafuneraldirector Hc 3d


“As new grief models have come out, it seems that this whole idea ofreaching the last stage, or of closure, is a myth altogether, because our grief lives as long as our love. ” Read more of Caleb Wilde’s article “Finding peace with your ghosts: Advice from a funeral director” on

Also, don’t miss his interview on Great Day Washington.


Furhman Fastfoodgenocide Hc 3d Hirez


Dr. Joel Fuhrman explains how Frankenfoods and processed foods are impacting our health and our intelligence on Good Day Chicago. 




Brave Cover

BRAVE by Rose McGowan

“In late September, just as multiple women were days away from going on the record with reports of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct, one of his alleged assault victims, Rose McGowan, considered an offer that suggested just how desperate the Hollywood producer had become.

Ms. McGowan, who was working on a memoir called “Brave,” had spoken privately over the years about a 1997 hotel room encounter with Mr. Weinstein and hinted at it publicly. Through her lawyer, she said, someone close to Mr. Weinstein offered her hush money: $1 million, in exchange for signing a nondisclosure agreement…”

Read the rest of the explosive New York Times Feature here.


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