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HUFFPOST RELIGION: How Seeker Spirituality Is Shaping The World Of Publishing

HarperElixir, a new line of books from HarperOne, is designed for readers in search of answers to life’s big questions. Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 8.58.28 PM

“The audience is the modern seeker… people who are spiritual and magical and passionate and curious and they want to answer the call to go deeper,” Claudia Boutote, senior vice president and publisher of HarperElixir, told HuffPost.

Boutote and senior editor Libby Edelson kicked off the line with books such as The Toltec Art of Life and Death by Don Miguel Ruiz and two adult coloring books by Lydia Hess. Many of the line’s upcoming authors for 2016 have yet to become household names. Kim Krans, illustrator of The Wild Unknown tarot cards, and Guru Jagat, a Kundalini yoga teacher, will have titles out with HarperElixir in the upcoming year. For Boutote, any one of these new authors could be the spiritual powerhouses of tomorrow.

“When wisdom is very pure and authentic, it’s lasting, and it really does stand the test of time,” Boutote told HuffPost. “Those are the authors we are looking to publish here — authors who will have something to publish for today, but what they say will be relevant for years to come.”

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