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New Year, new you!

Witness to Fitness

From Donna Richardson Joyner, author of Witness to Fitness.

Will you commit to be a Witness to Fitness?  You do not have to wait until the New Year comes. You can start today!

As a fitness/health expert, I don’t spend time on excuses. I help real people with real problems to get real solutions. You can’t change what you didn’t do for your past health, but you can change what you do in your future. No more excuses, no hemming and hawing. Get up and get moving . . . not your mouth, but your body!

First and foremost, change your mind-set. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Your thoughts govern your actions. You have to want to change more than you want to stay the same. If you think of yourself differently, you will do differently. If you really want something and it means the world to you, you will have to go for it. You have to have tenacity, be relentless, and remind yourself daily, “If change is to be, it is up to me!”

Here are just a few tips to help reclaim your health and your life. Awaken now to a New Year, new you!

Doing Nothing? Get Started Now.

  • You have to be sick and tired of where you are and make an active decision to change.
  • Admit to your present condition, and create an action plan. Without a plan and vision for where you are going, you won’t accomplish your goals.
  • Start with small steps toward living a more active lifestyle by making it a priority to be physically active daily. You don’t have to start doing too much too soon. A few ideas: take a 10-to-20-minute walk, take the stairs, try a beginner’s workout class, or pick up my Body Gospel fitness DVD.
  • You have to combine healthy eating with physical activity. To lose weight, energy in has to be less than energy out. Consume fewer calories, and burn more calories. And aside from good nutrition and exercise, be sure to add in some R&R (rest and relaxation)!
  • Be patient. You didn’t get to your current state overnight, so you can’t expect change overnight.

Already Active? Keep on Trucking.

  • Set new goals, both short term and long term. For example: If you say to yourself, I will lose 10 pounds over 2 months by eating healthy and exercising daily, that’s a smart goal.
  • Make your goals SMART goals—Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Specific.
  • Journal and write your vision. Make it plain and attainable.
  • Challenge yourself even when you hit a plateau. Include new activities into your program.
  • Remember the FIT principle: change the Frequency, Intensity, and Time/Type of workouts.
  • Keep having positive talks with yourself. You are what you think. You have to remind yourself that success is intentional when it comes to your health. Failure is not an option.
  • Be committed and be productive so you can see results. Reward yourself as you reach your goals, which will help keep you motivated.
  • Remember that this is a lifestyle journey. Continue to plant good seeds of health, and allow them to take root.

Please join me on my journey to being a Witness to Fitnessand to discovering the best New You!

Donna Richardson Joyner is the author of Witness to Fitness, forthcoming from HarperOne in January 2013.


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