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Start your day with a power breakfast


By Victoria Moran, author of Younger by the Day.

One kind of power breakfast is wheeling and dealing over a morning meal. The one we’re interested in here is choosing your first foods of the day with an understanding of how your own body operates and what it wants in the morning. Studies repeatedly show that breakfast-eaters live longer and stay healthier than those who plunge into the day on an empty stomach—and they’re less likely to overeat or succumb to late-day sugar cravings.

Some people get their power from a light breakfast, perhaps just melon or fruit salad. They do better starting the day without heavy food to assimilate. Others need a meal that contains a little of each macronutrient—i.e., complex carbohydrate, protein, and fat—so the meal digests slowly and keeps them in the pink until lunchtime. If you’re old enough to be reading this, you’re well aware of what kind of breakfast gives you your best mornings. Put that knowledge into practice.

I have two primary power breakfasts, one for summer, one for winter. When it’s warm outside, I frequently make a smoothie with soy milk and berries, flax oil and wheat germ, and a scoop of nutrient powder that counts as a multivitamin and is also replete with minerals and protein. My cold-weather power breakfast starts with oatmeal—it’s filling and has soluble fiber that lowers cholesterol. I top it with flax oil and wheat germ (toasted tastes better than raw and stays fresh longer), a sprinkling of chopped Brazil nuts (for sele- nium) or walnuts (which, like flax seeds and flax oil, are a good source of omega-3s), and fresh fruit or soaked dried fruit (raisins, prunes, or apricots) that provide fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Both of these breakfasts are quick to put together, and they make me feel as if I’ve done well by myself.

If you don’t yet have a power breakfast (or two or three) that makes you feel on top of the morning, try out mine or come up with your own. Experiment with breakfasts that are enticing enough that you want to eat them and easy enough that even the rush of getting out the door won’t keep you from starting your day with a power surge.

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