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Starting the weekend off stuck stress-free

From Amy VanLangen, Marketing Manager at HarperOne.

Starting the weekend off stress-free (or “stuck stress”-free) sounded like a good plan, so when The MELT Method author Sue Hitzmann emailed to say she was giving classes in Berkeley, CA, I signed up.

I skipped happy hour Friday afternoon and headed out to a local yoga studio to attend class with Sue instead. There, I got the basics on MELT-ing in Sue’s workshop—the same concepts she outlines in her book, The MELT Method.

For months, I’ve listened to my colleagues (who had taken classes with Sue before) talk about how extraordinary they felt after attending class with her and watched the MELT Method fans and community praise her self-care techniques and declare themselves pain-free, often for the first time in years. Yes, I’ve read MELT and have had the opportunity to work with Sue. I knew her concept of using hands-off bodywork to release tension that accumulates in our body from everyday wear and tear was an amazing technique, just not one I had found the time to put into practice.

Just fifteen minutes into class, I knew that I was going to walk away feeling better. Sue started the class by asking us why, when we stretch after runs or use a foam roller after a particularly hard Pilates class, we would put ourselves into more pain to get out of pain? She’s right—it doesn’t make sense. With every simple exercise Sue walked us through I felt or physically saw the benefits. From the soft ball hand and food treatments to the back of thigh shear, each technique was soothing and painless. After each method during the reassess sequence, I could truly sense that my body felt different. The murmurs, nods, and raised hands from my classmates said that we were on to something.

MELT Berkeley class

As Sue ended the class, she reminded us that just ten minutes of MELT self-treatment a day, three times a week, can give you long-lasting change: more energy, reduced stress, better sleep patterns and (the women in the room perked up at this one) reduced cellulite. Class participants were lining up to talk to Sue one-on-one and have her sign their copy of The MELT Method.

I tucked my signed copy into my bag and knew I would take her advice. I will take ten minutes for myself each day, especially if I can feel even half as fantastic as I did leaving class that afternoon.

For more information about Sue Hitzmann and The Melt Method, visit her website


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