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How Hard Should You Be Exercising?

Spark Solution Exercise Exertion

25th July 2013


Have you ever started a recommended exercise program or workout and wondered exactly what it means to work at a high or low intensity? The authors of The Spark Solution have the answer. The two methods described below can help you figure out exactly how hard you are and should be working next time you exercise.

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Summer… the Perfect Time to Get Fit

Fit2fat2fit Summer Health

4th June 2013


Summer…the perfect time to get fit. No seriously, it is! With the right guidance and tools you’ll have more success starting in the summer than any other time.

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Starting the weekend off stuck stress-free

Melt Berkeley2

10th May 2013


Starting the weekend off stress-free (or “stuck stress”-free) sounded like a good plan, so when The MELT Method author Sue Hitzmann emailed to say she was giving classes in Berkeley, CA, I signed up. I skipped happy hour Friday afternoon and headed out to a local yoga studio to attend class with Sue instead. There, I got the basics on MELT-ing in Sue’s workshop—the same concepts she outlines in her book, The MELT Method.

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