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The Fool's Journey

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool seeker or a digital-age skeptic—or a little of both—the power of the tarot is open to you. Michelle Tea’s Modern Tarot doesn’t require you to believe in the supernatural or to focus narrowly on using tarot as a divination tool. Instead, it offers insightful descriptions of the seventy-eight cards in the tarot system (each one fully illustrated by Amanda Verwey) and specially designed rituals to guide readers on a path toward transformative and personal growth. 

The Major Arcana are a procession of archetypes beginning with the inquisitive, risk-taking Fool and ending with the triumph of The World. In between are a lifetime’s worth of ups and downs, from the positive power unleashed by The Magician to the wild inspiration of The Star to the nerve-racking Judgement, when you are called to answer for how you chose to spend your time. Often referred to as “The Fool’s Journey,” each of the Major Arcana cards lead to the next, a succession of life-lessons grandly illustrated. When a Major Arcana card comes up for you, usually something especially significant is at play in your life, for better or worse.

Below, check out a handful of cards from The Major Arcana as illustrated by Amanda Verwey in Modern Tarot. Then, take the quiz to find out which Major Arcana card aligns with your personality!

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