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Tips for Achieving Tech–Life Balance in Your Personal Relationships

From Dot Complicated by Randi Zuckerberg

In her new book, Dot Complicated, social media and technology expert and former Facebook marketing executive Randi Zuckerberg reminds us that there is a time to use technology and a time to put it away. We own the devices, not the other way around. And sometimes, if we want to really live in the moment with the people we’re with, then we have to turn off the phone and disconnect. Zuckerberg offers these tips for for finding tech-life balance in your personal relationships.

Tech Should Make You Closer to Friends and Closer to Friendship

It’s amazing to have the opportunity to be instantly connected to thousands of people. But your attention is valuable. Make sure all that connectivity doesn’t come at the price of your attention to your closest friends and loved ones.

Break Your Digital Addiction

It’s so tempting. You hear the buzz. You can almost taste the message waiting for you. But if you’re in the middle of a conversation, an activity, or driving, don’t check it. The world will not end if it takes you fifteen minutes to respond. And you’ll be amazed at what you gain from your interactions when you’re truly in the moment.

And If You’re Really in Need of a Digital Intervention . . .

Consider introducing a digital Sabbath into your week. Whether  it’s a whole day without your devices or simply thirty tech-free minutes here and there, give yourself the chance to detox, unplug, and just enjoy the world and people around you.

Birthdays and Unfriending

You probably didn’t know that the most popular day to get unfriended is on one’s birthday! You see someone’s name pop up and if you haven’t connected in a while, that person just might not make it to another birthday as your “friend.” If we’re lucky enough to keep having birthdays and to keep meeting so many people that we have to occasionally houseclean a few, those are highclass problems, my friend.

Learn more about untangling your wired life in Randi Zuckerberg’s book, Dot Complicated.


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