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Top 10 Cats That Don’t Give a F*ck

If you have a cat, you already know that they’re experts in the art of not giving a f*ck. Take, for instance, my cat, who couldn’t care less about acting or looking normal by any definition:

Subtle Art Of Cat

We could learn a lot from this devil-may-care attitude (cattitude?) in the New Year. Read on for ten more cats who fully emulate Mark Manson’s mantra:

#10: This book is not a pillow. Can you guess how many f*cks this cat gives about that?

#thesubtleartofnotgivingafuck haha

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#9: This cat may give a f*ck about some things, but it has no time for you right now.

#8 This cat gives so few f*cks that it’s actually a Chihuahua.

#7 This cat has seen some sh*t and doesn’t a f*ck about your book club.

#6 Unicornlovestrouble put a lot of artistic effort into this beautiful lettering, but is their cat impressed? Of course not. No f*cks given.

#5 This cat has got things to do, and doesn’t give a f*ck that you want a picture.

#4 Can this cat read? No. Does he let that stop him? NO. He doesn’t give a F*CK.

#3 Don’t be fooled by this beautiful little kitty, looking up at you with huge, adorable eyes — the only thing this cat gives a f*ck about is whether you’re going to refill that food bowl.

#2 This is not a cat. This a small lion that gives no f*cks.

#sundaymood with this guy#thesubtleartofnotgivingafuck#donttry

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#1 The face says it all. Zero f*cks.

If you have an animal who gives no f*cks, make sure to post a picture and tag us on Instagram!


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