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What Really Causes Pain?—An Excerpt from The MELT Method

From The MELT Method by Sue Hitzmann

“Imagine this is your average day: you wake up in the morning after a great night’s sleep. You feel refreshed, alert, and ready for your day. You walk with a bounce in your step, and your body feels light and vibrant. You smile. People mention how great you look and notice your boundless energy. The demands of your day don’t over-whelm you, and stress rolls off your shoulders. It’s effortless to connect with and be generous to your loved ones—and even to strangers. You sit, stand, and move in a relaxed way. You are not nagged by thoughts about how your body feels. You live in the present moment and easily say yes to new experiences.

Is this what your average day feels like? If you have pain, your answer is probably no. Maybe you don’t call it pain. Maybe you call it discomfort, tension, or something that doesn’t feel quite right. Being pain-free is a necessary component of good health. It’s much easier to live a good life when you feel good. You may attribute how you feel to your lifestyle, age, or genetics. But now it’s time to look at the whole picture…”

Read more from this excerpt of Sue Hitzmann’s The MELT Method and learn how to address the real cause of your pain and start living a pain-free life.

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