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Who Benefits from MELT-ing?

While you may know about the wonders hydration can do for your body, you may not know that unless your connective tissue is hydrated, all the water in the world won’t make a different to how you feel or how you look. The MELT Method works by rehydrating the connective tissue—the tissue that supports, protects, and stabilizes. And when your connective tissue is hydrated, you look and feel better. MELT-ing releases stuck stress, reduces headaches, vanishes wrinkles, and improves your flexibility and posture. Take matters into your own hands with MELT and restore whole-body efficiency to lead a healthier, more active, pain free life.

Are you a performance athlete or a recreational runner? It doesn’t matter! Watch this video to see The MELT Method author Sue Hitzmann talk about who benefits from MELT.




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