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You don’t have to be perfect to get balanced

By Alisa Vitti, author of WomanCode

So you slipped up.

You ate the big piece of chocolate cake.
You snuck in some coffee at the office.
You stayed up way past your bedtime.
You had one too many cocktails.

Is your hormonal health destiny doomed to failure?!? Absolutely not!

One of the questions we often get from you is “what happens if I don’t stick to the protocol perfectly?”

Starting a new “diet” plan is often full of fear and doom and exacerbated perfectionism. You want to get it right. You want to fix yourself. You don’t want to waste your time, money, or hard-working efforts.

Well guess what, ladies – WomanCode is about to change this game completely.

The WomanCode System is not one of those diets that will leave you feeling starved, frustrated, and scared to walk by a bakery. It’s an entire lifestyle plan and philosophy that gets you to partner with your body, learning the intricacies of your hormones and cycle so that you know how to take care of your body and bounce back from everyday slip-ups.

We know that life isn’t perfect and there will be times when you can’t help but get thrown off course. In fact, it can be fun to get thrown off course once in awhile – right?!? Because of that we created a “survival kit” section in WomanCode dedicated to helping you counteract the potentially hormone-hazardous events that daily life can bring.

Check out these examples:
You drank too much:
Did you know that a dose of inositol, vitamin C ester, and B-complex taken before bed improves the liver’s ability to detoxify and prevent the morning hangover?

You overdid it on the carbs:
Did you know that a short bout of exercise – walking up and down stairs or a few squats at your desk – right after a meal helps manage glucose and insulin levels and prevent storage of fat?

Get more in-depth tips on common slip-ups plus so much more in WomanCode by Alisa Vitti.


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