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A Spiritual and Personal Quest from the Heart of the Capital of Secular and Political Power: Washington, DC

In this emotional, inviting, and illuminating memoir, Sally Quinn—journalist, television commentator, and longtime Washington insider—reveals the late-in-life discovery that her entire life could best be understood as a spiritual quest. Quinn takes us through the many stages of her spiritual awakening: summers spent as a child with her Scots Presbyterian family in the South, where she learned voodoo from the household staff; her trials as a hospitalized military child in Japan during the Korean war; her education at twenty-two different schools; her adventures as a Washington Post reporter; her short tenure as the first female network anchor on the CBS Morning News; her falling in love with the Post’s executive editor Ben Bradlee; her caring for a learning-disabled son; and her keeping vigil during her beloved husband’s illness and death. These varied and intense experiences birthed a fascination with religion that led to her creating the popular website On Faith, an online community for faith and spirituality.

Quinn’s roller-coaster, irreverent, and candid story provides a surprising lens into what it means to live life full of passion, grace, and love. Throughout this radiant, thoughtful, and startlingly intimate memoir, she brings to light how each of us—if we possess the heart and mind to look for it throughout our lives—can find magic all along the way.



SALLY QUINN is a longtime Washington Post journalist, columnist, television commentator, Washington insider, one of the capital’s legendary social hostesses, and founder of the religious website On Faith from the Washington Post. She writes for various publications and is the author of The Party: A Guide to Adventurous Entertaining, Regrets Only, Happy Endings, and We’re Going to Make You a Star, a memoir based on her experience as the first female network anchor in the United States. She lives in Washington, DC.



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