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A new life-changing wellness programfrom Jennifer Kries creator of The Method
Waking Energy: 7 Timeless Practices Designed to Reboot your Body and Unleash Your Potential
Waking Energy

Try a Waking Energy exercise —
"Shake the Head, Wag the Tail"
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Discover your most ageless, energized, joyful self with Jennifer Kries’s Waking EnergyThis groundbreaking program synthesizes the greatest wisdom traditions of the East to help you develop a level of energy mastery that will bring true transformation in your health, spiritual richness, and longevity.  

Waking Energy combines the best parts of Western athleticism, Eastern philosophies, and ancient practices from the greatest wisdom traditions including:

  • Qigong
  • Kundalini 
  • Yin Yoga
  • The Tibetan Rites
  • Pilates
  • Inner Smile and Cosmic Healing Sounds
  • Meditation 

Each chapter focuses on one tradition, explaining its philosophy and the relevant exercises and movement sequences to help you experience a joyful connection to yourself and tap into an astonishing reserve of power to create your healthiest, most vibrant self.

Available now for pre-order – In stores June 6 

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